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It has been documented that young elephants who do not have older males around to model behaviour from tend to cause more trouble. When elephants are in this state they have been known to go after rhinos and other large animals to let go of some of this pent up energy.

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With the adolescent elephant charging in, the mama rhino came to the rescue. Maybe there is some truth in this and this poor elephant is just a tad lonely. What the hell was that thing, Mom?

Thankfully, everyone was safe at the end and Hanspeter and his wife have beautiful pictures and an amazing story to share around the next campfire. He had to take these pictures from a moving safari vehicle, which must have been very difficult. They seem to have come out beautifully!

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    [Chiang Mai] Patara Elephant Farm

    Jennifer is happiest when life is filled with good gin, strong coffee and great adventure. She makes leather bags and rock climbs for fun and relishes in life's little peculiarities. She is passionate about Africa and its animals and has been lucky enough to have been to the most amazing safari destinations such as Moremi, Okavango and Kalahari in Botswana as well as Kafue and South Luangwa in Zambia and Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe. Give her a gin and tonic in the heart of the bush and she will reach maximum level bliss.

    What Does Elephant Taste Like?

    View all posts. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Let's start planning. Call Us. He had spent decades working as a forest manager in the logging business. He was also an elephant whisperer of sorts, who understood them on an intuitive level, working them strenuously, yes, but also tending to their every need. He nursed them and salved their wounds, both psychological and physical. He also learned from them, following their complex social rituals, distilling them into a code of behavior he would draw on in the most perilous of circumstances.

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    Williams, however, took to the isolated, nomadic existence of the forest manager, traveling hundreds of miles on his rounds. It was a rigorous vocation, but the elephants who did the heavy lifting — dragging heavy teak logs; carrying men, supplies, and other goods — were a constant source of enchantment. An animal lover, Williams came to Burma with little knowledge of elephant behavior; by the time he left, he was a world-renowned expert. He was a keenly observant fellow, who fell in love with the social rituals of elephants, the bonds between mothers and offspring, their intricate vocabulary of subsonic rumblings, squeaks, and grunts, and the ways they expressed emotions.

    In fact, he discovered in them the virtues he would work to develop in himself: courage, loyalty, the ability to trust and the good sense to know when to be distrustful , fairness, patience, diligence, kindness and humor. Perhaps none was more captivating than Bandoola, an impressive tusker male bull , who Williams revered. Distinctive and distinguished, Bandoola was loyal, but possessed of a unique personality.

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    8. I have also read elsewhere that Bandoola once went to town in a pineapple grove, ate fruits, and contracted acute colic, but Croke does not report this further bit of indigestion. Bandoola and Po Toke, the Burmese handler who raised him, inspired Williams to reform the way elephants were deployed in the logging operations.

      Culling elephants from the wild could be a brutal process, but Williams implemented gentler methods that benefited both elephant and human alike.