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  • Indian Summer.
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  • Indian summer.

Close Thesaurus. Close singular Indian summer plural Indian summers. Warm and hot weather: dog days , the heat , heatwave Explore Thesaurus.

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Indian summer.

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In the fall, even as trees turn red and orange, sometimes temperatures spike, from the crisp and autumnal 60s, up to a summery 80 plus degrees. Think about that phrase just a little bit, and there are a few questions that come up.

Indian summer

First, why do we call this Indian summer? Second, should we? And, if not, what else can we call it?

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He searched through texts about American weather and climate going back to the s; he wrote to The Dial, The Journal of American Folklore , The Nation, and other publications, asking others to send him an examples he could find; he borrowed from other dedicated searchers, until in he could say with confidence exactly when it came into common use.

The earliest use of the term that Matthews found was in the s; researchers for the Dictionary of American English later discovered an earlier example , in Letters from an American Farmer. T he French immigrant J. In his extremely thorough research, though, Matthews never discovered a convincing explanation for what the phrase meant. Why associate Native Americans with warm days in fall? So, after years, we may want to use a term with less colonial overtones.

There are many other options of what to call these late-breaking days of autumn warmth. In Europe, streaks of warmth in autumn are often named after saints whose feasts fall around this time: This one could very accurately be called by a British name, St. Other countries associate these warm spells with other saints.

Earlier in October, Bridget of Sweden has her feast day, and Swedes sometimes call warm spells brittsommar. In many European countries, a November warm spell is called St.

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  4. But the possibilities do not end there. Many European countries also have names for this phenomenon which are connected to nature. Or there are simpler options. Enjoy these second summer days, before the frost of fall really sets in.

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