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Any of these little things might startle your pup awake. Barking awake.

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This is why an unexpected noise, such as a car door slamming shut, startles your pup into a late-night barking frenzy. A lot of dogs are very sensitive to noises outside, like other dogs barking or neighbors coming home late. A white noise machine or fan will drown out the noises that are keeping your pet up, which will keep your pet from waking you.

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  • If your pet typically has very extreme, negative reactions to outside noises, you may have to desensitize him or her to the sounds that they find frightening. But sound-masking with white noise can be a useful behavior management technique in the meantime. If you turn on your chosen noise generator where the dog is sleeping, the sound may help mask whatever is going on outside that is causing your dog, and consequently you, to wake continuously through the night.

    Putting your dog in a quieter room and playing soothing white noise may prove to be effective anti-bark control and keep the both of you at ease. These music therapy CDs may be better suited to treating dog anxiety, however, as music is not as effective as white noise for masking sounds. More research is needed to conclude whether or not white noise actually has positive effects on animal behavior.

    Night of the Howling Dogs

    But if it helps us humans, it might be worth giving it a shot. Want more poop like this? To create this space and get ready to spend a peaceful night you can follow many of the tips that also apply to puppies, and remember that a comfortable bed, calmness and patience is what he will need the most in order to sleep well. The first few nights will fly by.

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    Sleep all day, sleep all night—here’s what really goes on in Fido's life.

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    How can I help my dog sleep through the night?

    This is the dogs version. See how timid he is and how funny he looks with his awkward movements? It could be in your bedroom, in a room just for him, in the lounge, in the kitchen Remember that many puppies and adult dogs will be calmer if they can see their new parents from their bed. It will definitely help if you can get hold of a piece of cloth or blanket that smells of his mother and siblings to put in his little corner of the house : a recognisable smell in a completely new environment can help reduce the stress.

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