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Or did she mean low mass? What was the difference between weight and mass again? The Head of Science would know. She ought to ask. Bunsen burner tubes were made of rubber. Detach one of those from its burner and gas tap, and it would easily fit in a trouser pocket.

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You could coil it up like a pet snake. A trouser snake. But was this one a harmless grass snake or a lethal boa constrictor? Her eyes were hurting now.

Of course they were, she still had her contact lenses in. What a bad example that would set for the girls! Perhaps it was time to stop playing games and yell for help. But if she did, would anyone hear her through these thick old walls of Cotswold stone? As the pressure at her throat eased for a moment, she took her chance, sucking in a vast, noisy gasp, enough oxygen to fuel at least one scream. Yes, and a well-aimed kick. Mission accomplished, she passed out cold, contact lenses and all. I say our flat. Moving in with Steven had been a mistake. But now at last I had made my bid for freedom, and I was about to move into a place of my own.

Well, sort of my own.


This time I was committed for only a year, and an academic one at that — September till July. Nervous as I was of taking up my new job, it seemed a better option than my only alternative: returning to live with my parents. Everyone but my parents found him charming. I was therefore determined to make this new job work.

Admittedly there were complications, such as my never having worked as a teacher before. But I had a degree in English and a post-graduate teaching qualification, and fond memories of my own schooldays that might make returning to the classroom feel like a homecoming. The former stately home of one of the richest gentlemen in Victorian England, it was nationally recognised for its historical and architectural significance.

Wrapped around the mansion was an immense private estate of beautiful gardens and parkland, isolating it from the real world. It felt like an upmarket nunnery. And like a nunnery, my new home would keep me safe from any more unsuitable romances, for the simple reason that there were no men on site.

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Thinking of applying for a post as a lighthouse keeper, I had been disappointed to discover the role was now entirely automated. On balance, a residential teaching post was much more appropriate. Now gazing up at the marble columns to the ornately painted domed ceiling, where chubby cherubs circuited the heavens above me, I felt the size of an ant — and about as likely to be crushed underfoot by the next passer-by.

After seven years of living with Steven, my confidence was not at its peak. Yet for the first time in seven years, I was calling the shots in my personal life. The responsibility was intoxicating — and not a little terrifying. A tapping noise interrupted my thoughts. Just starting to descend the sweeping staircase at the far end of the hall was an elegant young woman of about my age with eyes like polished jet.

The Little Book That Beats the Market - Book Summary 📈📗By Joel Greenblatt

We learn that two years earlier, the h and H were madly in love and the 34 yr old H proposed. The h said yes and then the very next day, she left a letter for the H saying they just wouldn't work out and disappeared from the country of France. The h did not even stay in contact with her mother, who died in a tragic wreck with the h's stepfather soon after.

The h isn't very happy to see the H either, especially when he tells her that her stepfather told him that the h had eloped with another man.

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The H is extremely angry and in his angry Alpha H way, he is soon kidnapping the h for several hours at a time and facing down the h's kinda wimpy wanna be OM boss. The h is adamant that there was no other man and this is the first hint that we get that all was not well two years earlier on the h's family home front.

The H keeps demanding to know why the h left him and she comes up with excuse after excuse. He alternates these interrogations with several Moroccan road trips and some travelogue HPlandia style. Soon the H has managed to kidnap the h for a few days holiday and the h is forced to fight her Treacherous Body Syndrome to retain her unicorn unicorn grooming license. It is really hard to maintain the chastity line when the H is throwing out roofie kisses left and right AND when the H's friends that they are visiting misunderstood and only gave them a single room. But this is a HB h and these ladies have unicorn grooming spines of steel.

There will be no unicorn license revocations without a duly witnessed and ordained marriage license taking it's place. All this togetherness forces the H and h to admit that they still love one another, indeed the H is practically pleading with the h as he describes how he has been searching for her for two years in between prosecuting high profile criminal cases and that as soon as he heard she was in Morocco, he hopped on a plane and proceeded to stalk her. It is very clear that the h has never stopped loving the H, but there is something in her past that just won't let her admit it or let her stay with the H.

The H gets amply repaid for his meanness in the first four chapters, cause the H asks the h to marry him and she tells him definitively "NO". Then the h goes back to England to have a mopey moment for several weeks. The H lives in America and all of the sudden the h is selected to travel to NYC for a very lucrative ad contract.

The h moodily drags herself to the appointed place and time and is literally thrust into the arms of the H.

Pre-Bridal Diet Secrets By Rujuta Diwekar

The H used his cousin's need for an ad photographer to lure the h into his marriage trap. Since the h won't agree to marry him, he is going to make her. While the H says he won't drag her by her hair to the altar in front of all his relatives, he will stalk her for the next ten years until she makes that bridal appearance. The h has been so unhappy and is so in love with the H, she agrees to marry him - as long as the H uses her new last name on the wedding license. The H agrees and they marry. The H isn't letting her leave and she finally makes her big confession.

Two years earlier her stepfather was a huge mobster criminal - supposedly her mother never knew- but when the H and h announced their engagement, the H was in the midst of a big mobster prosecution. There were serious threats made by the stepfather that the H would be blackmailed and compromised and the h, not knowing what else to do and ashamed of the snot snarfer her mother married, ran away. The h believes that even tho the snot snarfer step father is dead, his criminal connections are not and she couldn't bear for the H to lose his career by being married to tainted woman such as herself.

The H greets this little denouement with a great sigh of relief. He was really worried the h had been attacked or had a fatal disease - in his POV some criminal threatening her just makes him call up his minions and then leap onto his trusty white charger and set out to make the h's world a safer place. We get a lovely little ten year later epilogue, the h is expecting a baby and we learn that ten years earlier, the H went on the prosecutorial warpath and put all the bad guys in jail.

The H and h have been living it up in pink sparkly domestic bliss ever since and HB puts a big pink bow on it as the h delivers their fourth child - an adorable little girl for the big HEA. This one was pretty sweet by the end and the h never gave into her TBS until she definitively had a ring on it. The H went from angry Alpha to besotted H in a pretty satisfactory way, but the h's big seekrit reveal took a little too long to get to and thus it is only 3.

View all 10 comments. Apr 17, moi rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Hopeless Romantics. Shelves: reads , best-witty-banter-dialogue , contemporary-romance , fav-romance-couple , fantasy , favorites , fictional , hero-charming , hero-im-gaga-over , heroine-bombshell-hot. Simply Wow! This is my second Brooks book and I am completely bowled over by this one! There are no words to describe how much I loved it.

The Little Bed & Breakfast by the Sea - Jennifer Joyce - eBook

There is a certain glitch which pissed me off but still I am giving this book a complete 5 Star rating. Seems like none have reviewed this book here and I am going to be first to write it. Please don't kill me, okay? I am nervous so the review will be horrible I guess. And I had a WOW! And I had actually written the complete review earlier but due to server problem it was not saved!